- Born & Bred in Flatbush, Brooklyn (Hardcore New Yorker).

-Obsessed with pugs.

-Complete tomboy.

-Total grandma at heart.

-Sucker for carbs (especially rice, it’s the Haitian in me).

If you must know anything about me, it would be those five things.  Other important information - my name is Bodeline (Bo-Duh-Lean) Kella Dautruche.  I’m 23 years young on a serious mission to shift and shake up the culture.  I am infatuated and inspired by all aspects of culture - music, fashion, art, food, travel, technology, people.  Thus, my career goals are to create content for various cultural industries, as well as manage and market the distribution of said content across audiences. 

I want to focus my career on communications within the digital landscape, especially focusing on how it can impact societal life choices. It is my theory that conversation is at the basis of everything. It is important for me to create and manage content that not only captures the attention of the modern day millennial, but also provokes thought and meaningful conversation about how the content and products we consume are beneficial (or harmful) to us, and reflects and impacts culture. I want the conversation that circulates throughout society to be one of value and enrichment. My concern is that the quality of the content that reaches broad audiences is of value, especially in a time where people are often saturated with meaningless things.

I like to write.  I like to read.  I like to take pictures.  I like to create projects.  I like to manage and direct projects.  I like coming up with ideas and planning.  I like to think.  I like (love) to Google.  I like to have conversations.  I like to create conversations.  I like taking risks.  I like progression and innovation.  I like people (all people). I like authenticity. I like realness. It's what I represent.


Photos/Video by Carl Cornelius