• Born & Bred in Flatbush, Brooklyn (Hardcore New Yorker).

  • Textbook Taurus.

  • Complete tomboy.

  • A storyteller.

  • Sucker for carbs (especially rice, it’s the Haitian in me).

Hi, I’m Bodeline (Bo-Duh-Lean) & I am on a serious mission to shift and shake up the culture.  I am infatuated and inspired by all aspects of culture - music, fashion, art, food, travel, technology, people - and the story it tells about human progression and survival.  

My personal philosophy is that communication is at the basis of everything - therefore it is the driving force behind how culture take shapes, how societies evolve, and how humans survive. I am forever intrigued by this notion and how it drives the endless possibilities of what we can create and how we can connect with one another.

I use this philosophy as the guiding light behind the work I create and the career path I have chosen with strategy - the communicative tool for brands in this day and age of the consumer.

Through strategy, I want to help brands that care about what they put out into this world and how it affects people, create strong, intentional, impactful, and fruitful relationships with their right audience.

At the end of the day, I want to walk away knowing I created work that captures attention, provokes thought, and provokes meaningful conversation that is reflective of our current culture. I want the conversations and relationships that circulate throughout society, whether with brands or with people, to be one of value and enrichment.

I like to write. I like to explore. I like to read.  I like to take pictures (as an amateur).  I like to create projects.  I like to manage and direct projects.  I like coming up with ideas and planning.  I like to think.  I like (love) to Google.  I like to have conversations.  I like to create conversations.  I like taking risks.  I like progression and innovation.  I like people (all people). I like realness. I like authenticity. It's what I represent.


Photos/Video by Carl Cornelius